Monday, 2 March 2015

Monday Featured Games Recap

Welcome to our Monday recap of past featured games - this week including some great news - Vidar was funded with a couple of days to spare last week.

Vidar by Dean Razavi
A despairing RPG-Puzzler set in a town on the brink. Random storytelling. Random puzzles. Constant loss.

Current Status - Funded!  If you still want to donate though, there are paypal options on the kickstarter link.

Mini Racing Adventures by Minimo Studios
A fun yet challenging side scrolling physics based 3D racer for iOS & Android. A game aimed to remind all, of the kid in each of us.

Current status - as of 2nd March 2015 it is $1,883 towards its $5,000 goal that it needs to reach by Wednesday 18th March.

Our Feature and Interview on Mini Racing Adventures from 1st March

Kickstarter Link

Developer Website

Arco by Last Minute Games
A fast-paced puzzle RPG set in a fantasy world. Fight hordes of monsters, meet quirky characters and challenge epic bosses.

Current Status - as of 2nd March it is kr12,388 (Danish) towards its target of kr165,000 by Monday 16th March.  Btw kr165,000 = $25,000.  It also still needs your support on Greenlight.

Tiny Robot Justice Squad by Mind Realy
Tiny Robot Justice Squad is a 2D action platformer/arena shooter for Windows, Mac OSX and Linux platforms. It has explosions, big guns, big bosses and quick-paced platform gameplay. The game is being developed by Mind Relay (which is actually just one person!), with all proceeds generated by the game to be donated to the charity GamesAid which helps disabled and disadvantaged young people. Carry on reading to learn more about the game and how it will support good causes!

Current Status - A fun-looking game with proceeds from it being donated to a good cause. Check it out and make sure it gets greenlit.

Game Website

Barbara-ian by Studio Owlbear
Break-neck dungeoneering with 1 hit point. You play Barbara-ian, a mythical badass with perma-rage & a penchant for smashing. Featuring super fast paced physics based mayhem, one hit is all that stands between you and a quick restart 

Current Status - went up on Greenlight on 14th February but still needs your votes to get Greenlit - highly recommended for 30 minutes of high quality fun.

Mad Games Tycoon by Eggcode
"Form your own game studio in the early 80s in a small garage.
Develop your own game concepts, create a team and develop million-selling video games.
Research new technologies, train your staff and buy larger office buildings.
Expand your business and dominate the world's market for video games!

Current Status - currently at 0.150226A with changes and bug fixes being made on a consistent basis; the latest update added a games convention.  It is worth noting that it is very playable at the moment and worth supporting if you like these types of games.

Game Website

Mordheim: City of the Damned by Rogue Factor
Mordheim: City of the Damned is the first video game adaptation of Games Workshop's cult classic tabletop game Mordheim. Set in the Warhammer World's decimated Empire city, Mordheim: City of the Damned is a turn-based tactical game where you lead warbands into bloody and lethal skirmishes. The game blends RPG elements, fast-paced tactical combat and intricate unit customization in a time wrought by chaos and rivalry where only the strongest survive.

Current Status - Recently had it's third update, adding a new warband, warband management and some new battle types. Last week it had a significant patch as well, fixing a number of bugs from the last update. There is a really handy guide on their early access page for what will be coming in future updates as well.

Feature from 6th February

Game Website

War for the Overworld by Subterranean Games
Tired of invading dungeons? It’s time you build your own.
War for the Overworld is a Dungeon Management Game that employs your favourite aspects of the RPG, RTS and god game genres.

Current Status - The final game will be released on 2nd April 2015 but in early access you can currently access a lot of content from the latest update from Christmas Eve, including a short tutorial campaign of 3 missions, a sandbox mission and a survival mission.

Feature from 13th January

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